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Chances are you would have found him in a mysterious abandoned home, walls yellowed by age and doors teetering precariously on their hinges. Maybe a murder occurred or perhaps a fire. Whatever the case, Todd Bates was on the scene for a singular task: listening for the voices of the dead.  Now retired from the field, Todd takes his knowledge gained and shares it with his amazing audience on his radio show Haunted Voices.


Todd’s Passion is and forever will be EVP.  Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as “EVP”) are spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that was not heard with the naked ear. For Todd, collecting this specialized evidence of paranormal origin is a life calling. After years of personally investigating the mysteries of EVP and studying under pioneering figures in the field, Sarah Estep, and Jason Snider he took his passion to the internet. Now in its 18th year, Haunted Voices has quickly grown to be one of the oldest paranormal talk shows on the internet today.

Todd Bates owned and operated WLTK-DB Talk Radio, a paranormal talk digital radio station, from January 2020 to it’s closing September 2024 and broadcasted live and original programming to its ever-growing audience of like-minded people.


Books: Todd is the author of The Haunted Voice, an autobiography about his life, how he became involved with the paranormal, his battle with alcoholism, and more. The book can be found online and at www.toddmichaelbates.com


Television: Currently Todd is the narrator for The Ghost Finders. Past Advisor for “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel (“Sallies House” episode); WTHI TV (CBS affiliate) “The Ashmore Experiment” 2-day event. Appeared on WTWO (NBC Affiliate).


Radio: A broadcasting school graduate, Todd currently has 17 years of broadcasting experience under the Haunted Voices Radio brand and enjoys discussing all things paranormal with his guests and audience.

Todd’s radio hosting career began with Dr. Ed Craft of Magick Mind Radio (An IBC Network Program). He was offered a co-host spot with Dr. Jimmy Lowery of “Alabama Para Spiritual Radio” (APSR Radio). He was then given the opportunity to host his own live show on the BBS Radio Network where he discussed all topics paranormal. He has since appeared on The Man Cow Show, WTAY FM, WTYE AM Crawford County, IL, WZPL 99.5 Indianapolis, IN, X-zone Radio, Voice of America, and The Jeff Rense Show. Each has been a valuable experience to share his vast knowledge of the paranormal


Tracie Hicks

I recommend this book to anyone in the paranormal community. His writer’s voice is unique. He makes you feel you are in the room with him as he tells his story. You learn about him as a person and an investigator of the paranormal.

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