I enjoy my Saturdays, always have. Since I can remember, it was a time of relaxation no matter how old you are. As a kid, I used to run to the TV set when I woke up on Saturday. I would grab a sugary bowl of cereal, don’t forget the box, as back then they had all kinds of entertainment on them and lay down on the floor to watch my favorite cartoons. As a Looney Toons fan to the core, I remember watching the coyote desperately try to catch the road runner.

These were great times growing up in a small town. You would make your morning peace and then head over to hang out with friends and do crazy things, only to make lasting memories. These days, everyone is in such a damn hurry to get somewhere. Guilty of this myself, I finally learned to take things slower and relax again. Oh, you may find me watching the occasional cartoon or two, but most of all, I will relax and at this age, reflect on what I have accomplished so far in life. A time to reboot my soul and get ready for the next adventure.